1. What is BTC Lend?
  2. BTC Lend is a mobile application that allows an active BTC prepaid customer to request a credit advance (loan) for their account. BTC Lend loans can be used for voice calls, data/internet and sending SMS.

  3. Is there a charge associated with taking out a BTC loan?
  4. Yes. Customers will be charged a nominal fee for every loan:


    Beginner (Local Currency)

    Fee (Local Currency)

    Bronze (Local Currency)

    Fee (Local Currency)

    Silver (Local Currency)

    Fee (Local Currency)

    Gold (Local Currency)

    Fee   (Local Currency)

    Diamond (Local Currency)

    Fee (Local Currency)













  5. Can a BTC prepaid subscriber receive a BTC Lend loan request while roaming?
  6. Yes, a BTC prepaid subscriber can receive a BTC Lend request while roaming and apply for a loan.

  7. Can a non-BTC Prepaid customer request BTC Lend?
  8. No, non-BTC prepaid customers are unable to request a loan.

  9. Can BTC postpaid subscribers request BTC Lend?
  10. No, BTC postpaid subscribers are unable to request a loan.

  11. How many times can a BTC prepaid subscriber request BTC Lend loans?
  12. A BTC prepaid subscriber may take as many loans as they would like, once any prior loan has been paid in full. If there are unpaid balances, the prepaid subscriber will not be able to take on another loan.

  13. How can a BTC prepaid subscriber payback a BTC Lend loan?
  14. A BTC prepaid subscriber may pay back a loan through a recharge purchased through voucher, direct top up, online top up, international top up or credit transfer. The recharge value will be applied towards the loan value. Promotional balance will not be used to repay a loan.

  15. If a prepaid subscriber has an overdue BTC Lend loan balance and participate in BTC prepaid promotion. How is the payback of the BTC Lend loan treated?
  16. In the event a recharge is performed by a prepaid subscriber and is subject to a given promotion, the promotional balance will first be used to repay an outstanding loan.

  17. What is the payback period for the BTC Lend Loan?
  18. The BTC prepaid subscriber will be prompted to pay back all loans within 7 days to receive points, but ultimately, he will have 30 days to repay the loan.

  19. Can a BTC Prepaid subscriber transfer lend credits to pay off a BTC Lend loan?
  20. Yes, Customers can use a transfer to pay off a BTC Lend loan.

  21. What happens to a BTC prepaid subscriber, if they surpass the payback period for the BTC Lend Loan?
  22. - Repays: If a BTC prepaid subscriber surpassed the 30-day-period to repay, but pays back before reaching an inactive state, his debt will be considered repaid.

    - Partially repays: If the BTC Prepaid subscriber makes a partial repayment over the course of the next 30 days after their loan was issued, their outstanding balance will remain and will be deducted from any further recharge.

  23. How does a customer acquire points in the various categories; Bronze -> Silver -> Diamond? BTC
  24. A customer will be able to accumulate points at the various levels by repaying their outstanding loan on time.

    Loans are expected to be repaid within 30 days.

    - Pay before 15 days and receive 5 points

    - Pay between 16 -30 days, no points

    - Pay after 30 days and lose 5 points

    - All new loan requests at the Beginner level will get 10 points as a Welcome gift towards movement to the Bronze tier, which means they will only need 3 loans paid before 15 days to move to the bronze level.

    - All other levels require 5 loans paid before 15 days to move to the next level.

    Customers can check their points and level by dialing *135# and select option 6 - My Points

    Tier Points
    Beginner 0 - 24
    Bronze 25 - 49
    Silver 50 - 74
    Gold 75 - 99
    Diamond 100
  25. Will a BTC prepaid subscriber consume data charges for using the BTC Lend app?
  26. No, BTC prepaid subscribers will not consume data charges when using the BTC Lend app.

  27. Can a BTC prepaid subscriber register BTC Lend to another BTC prepaid subscriber?
  28. The BTC prepaid subscriber cannot register BTC Lend to another prepaid subscriber.

  29. Can a BTC prepaid subscriber use another prepaid subscriber’s verification code to access a BTC Lend Loan?
  30. No, the subscriber will receive the message "Something went wrong! The verification code you entered is invalid. Please re-enter or hit resend code.”

  31. If a BTC subscriber switches mobile SIM/number what happens to the loan repayment?
  32. All outstanding loans must be repaid before the number change is done.

  33. What happens to a BTC prepaid subscriber's points, when they repay the BTC Lend loan?
  34. All first-time subscriber’s level is set as BEGINNER. However, as the prepaid subscriber repays the loans they are awarded points. Once subscriber has accumulated enough points they will be upgraded to the next tier.